• A burden has been lifted
  • Like I've lost weight
  • Cathartic
  • No longer overwhelmed

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Transforming the way you organize

                    your space, your possessions . . . your life.

If you have a recurring sense of frustration every time you try to find the scissors, go into your cluttered basement or get ready for company, Mariposa Creative Solutions can help. I know, people think they should be able to organize their space on their own. But the reality is that not everyone will do that -- whether it’s time, disinterest or lack of skill.

For some people, working with Mariposa means organizing the utility drawer in the kitchen in order to quickly find the scissors. For others, it means organizing their desk or the playroom. My continuum of services includes everything from one specific project to whole-house organization, including periodic maintenance sessions.

And after I've worked with clients, they often sound blissful ... a little like they've had a massage. Here are some of the words and phrases I hear:

  • Liberated/free
  • De-stressed
  • Unstuck
  • Energized 

I hope that you’ll take time to look around the website. My wish is that it motivates you to take the next step towards achieving the kind of order that will free you up to do what you really want to do.

Please call me with any questions or inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bonnie Hillman Shay
Owner and Principal