Why should I hire a professional organizer?
Disorganization leads to higher stress levels and reduced productivity. Think of all the time you waste looking for your keys, that bill you need to pay, your son’s permission slip and more. Organization helps us get stuff done. Hiring an organizer can help if you have one project to tackle, such as your garage or attic, or if life circumstances have caused disorganization throughout your home and your life. For many, organizing is a lifelong struggle, and some may find it helpful to work with an organizer on a periodic basis to achieve and maintain order. 

Will you make me throw away all my "stuff"? 
No.  I am all for keeping things, but it is important for you to decide what is/isn’t important which will ultimately help you decide what to keep and what to trash/donate. I will ask questions and make observations and suggestions to help you decide.  Ultimately you are the final decision-maker.

I am a very private person. Will my sessions with you be confidential?
I am aware of the high level of trust placed in me by my clients. Integrity, honesty and confidentiality are my guiding principles.

How do you charge for your services?

I charge an hourly fee for my services, and my work often pays for itself in the results — sometimes on the first visit (e.g., clients often find cash or un-cashed checks, they avoid penalties for late payments on found bills and they find items and/or papers that they had already wasted hours trying to find.) I find that 3 hours is the ideal length of a work session so significant progress can be made.  If longer sessions are necessary, I'm right there with you.

Do you charge for consultations?

I offer a complimentary, no obligation, 30 minute telephone consultation. During this time, I ask questions so I can get to know you and your challenges. You can also take this time to ask me the questions you feel will help you decide if I am the right organizer for you.

How many hours will it take before I see some results?

My clients will tell you that I’m calm, yet fast and efficient. I don't waste time. After we talk and I assess the situation, we will get to work and you will see results during every work session, including the first one.

What will you do after I contact you?
We would make an appointment so that I could do an on-site assessment of your home/office. This on-site assessment would include a complete tour of your home/office in order to determine the priorities of the areas you want me to work on. We would begin work on that day, providing you with visible results and then schedule additional work sessions as needed.

Do I have to buy a lot of new storage supplies before our first work session? 
No.  First, we need to determine what we need to store and where. Second, I work to utilize whatever storage supplies you already have and lastly I will make a shopping list of items that you’ll want to purchase to complete the organization. I am happy to purchase the supplies for you if you would prefer.  My hourly rate would apply for such shopping efforts.

What do I do with the items I want to get rid of?

I will help you identify various resources for your unwanted items.  Some will go in the trash, some will be donated to your favorite charity and some may be re-gifted to friends and family.

Do I have to clean my house before you come over?
No preparation is necessary before I come.  Many people are embarrassed about their clutter or perceived disorganization, but I can learn a lot about how you function and what may be the best system for you when we see your normal everyday living space. Don’t worry. You will soon be proud of your new organization and the new habits I will coach you on. 

Do you provide on-going maintenance?
I offer weekly, monthly or bi-monthly maintenance packages to help you stay focus on being organized. These follow up sessions will also allow us the chance to see if we need to make changes to an existing system.