Beyond Organizing

"You are the kindest, most thoughtful person I know." Kathryn W.

"YOU ROCK!!!!!!" Jeannie B.


You are very organized, calm, and efficient.  No job seems overwhelming to you no matter how big I have built it up to be. You think about it for a moment and then develop a plan of attack. I love that you can put yourself in my shoes and think about how I should best organize something so that it is useful and that it continues to stay organized. The thing that I really am enjoying is that you really make me think about things differently. When you are not here, I find myself asking the same questions you would. You have brought me out of my shell so that I can think outside the box a bit. 
- Amy B., Winnetka -
I have worked with Bonnie on many occasions to help organize my home. Right from the start Bonnie had a natural sense of what I needed to accomplish to create order and comfort in my home. She has a creative approach to fitting her client's needs with resources.  She works efficiently yet thoroughly and fosters a team approach to working with her client.
- Rebecca U., Chicago -

"Bonnie, where you get energized from organizing, I get paralyzed. When can you come back?!"
- Julie S., Highland Park -

Thank you for all of your assistance.  I cannot tell you how much of a load this took off of me.
- Jeff K., Highland Park -

Your approach to things is calm, unhurried, thoughtful, and holistic.  The world seems to be zooming by in a blur yet when you are with Bonnie she is really with you – really focused on whatever it is you are talking about.  There is a sense of calm that makes me feel like things will just “get handled.” 
- Robyn W., Northbrook -

Your tip about using a Pending folder in your email has changed my life as far as keeping track of outstanding client appointment proposals and other such tasks! I’ve always kept a very managed and clean inbox, but there’s also always at least half a dozen things in there that are just stale because they need some sort of follow-up at a non-urgent date. Having those types of things all stashed away under Pending with a weekly reminder to check that folder in my Workflowy to-do list has been so awesome!
- Laura W., Austin, TX -